I’ve created this work through using my iPhone, by taking screenshots of each location sourced from Google Maps.It features a series of landscapes that although I have never visited in person, and probably won’t in the future, they do “exist” in my map. When I drop the location pin, they “exist” as if they were captured by my own perspective.These landscapes were all recorded by an AI camera-equipped vehicle, taken by various digital signals from an enormous amount of data accumulated automatically. Yet there’s a moment that it all forms into a perfect landscape, one from my own narrative and nostalgia, and I am overwhelmed by emotion.Just as photography offers a tangibility to visualize the multiple signals in the air, our emotions go along with these random signals.

Text: Satomi Yamauchi

©Satomi Yamauchi & GALLERY 360°
March 10th -19th 2022  12:00 – 17:00 
1F soft town 3-1-24 Jingumae Shibuya


Satomi Yamauchi / Photographer    

Born in Japan, my early childhood years were in the United States. After completing a degree in studio work I started my career as an independent photographer from 2009.Since then I’ve been shooting client work as also as publishing art photography represented by gallery 360° Tokyo. My art projects are mainly landscapes. Such as <this must be the place 2014> Visiting Florida, USA. Where I spent my childhood. <celebration 2015> Sequel to the former project in Florida. Capturing a landscape of a “perfect neighborhood” that Walt Disney created. This exhibition will be the first in five years since <post palm tree 2017>