August, 2021, I had a few  discussions  with Suguru Osako about the direction of New Web Magazine. There are notes that capture how we felt throughout our talk sessions. 


Like I came up with at the first moment  
It seems that only the image runs
It’s like relying only on intuition  
Contents that don’t have concrete image
What I came up with instantly   
What I met by chance or accidently
While sharpening your sensibility  
Draw freely and incompletely at each speed
While feeling the wind only at that time


In September 2021, We’ve decided to name the website as SKETCH BOOK. We wanted to run forward with the  free pitche and our own stride.  

In October 2021, we were waiting for a meeting with the illustrator. At that time, there was a streaming LIVE show of Quruli (Japanese Rock Band), and we found tweets that said “I drew this while watching the live show!”. The drawn Shigeru Kisidai from Quruli was a bit more handsome than the actual person and the feeling of illustrator towards the band was spilling out nicely enough. We’ve been looking for such an illustrator. After that, We asked  from SNS.  if she could draw a few  illustrations for a World Class’s Runner.A few days later, she wrote us back with wariness. We were able to talk by Google Meet to see if she is interested in the project while viewing her other works and sharing her favorite music and so on.  Since she was very passionate about her drawing, most importantly she was charming. We’ve decided to ask for an illustration project for the SKETCH BOOK visual. 

Let me introduce Kanae Kawano. She draws every day and that everyday is very important.She works on only people who she loves and only moments she likes with a unique perspective of her. Probably nobody knows who she is now. but you will soon.