“SKETCH BOOK” is about showing exciting and meaningful storytelling while crossing over with artists.
It’s almost a monthly web magazine.

Content that moves people’s hearts with simple expressions.
Rather than someone’s rumors and trends flowing on the timeline,
It has to be really meaningful information.

It ’s not a story that you can not remember.
It ’s not consumed in an instant.
It is the story that will remain in your heart tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and you will want to tell someone.

In an era when you don’t know what is important and what is true
while respecting the speed and value of each person,
Here are some tips to help you live your own way.

Chief Editor: Suguru Osako ( I INC. )
Creative Director: Kohei Adachi ( MARCH INC )
Technichal Director: Hiroto Komatsu ( HANASAKE INC. )