The highest density blue sky at Flagstaff
A long road that goes on forever
Repeated hydration
Dry green in early summer
Uneaten on going apple
Sharp summer light
Trained physical
Sharpened mentality
Shota Matsumoto (Photographer) has been shooting Suguru Osako (Olympic Athlete) for several years. This photo book contains real beauty from theri true trust. This is a story that captures straight passion from Shota and Suguru. It is the days just before the Olympic race which are extremely precious and it’s unforgettable.

Text: Kohei Adachi

The Exhibition 「Flagstaff」
3/31/2022 (Thur) – 4/7/2022 (Thur)
2-13-3 Takaban Meguro Tokyo Japan
BOOK AND SONS 03-6451-0845 /

Shota Matsumoto / Photographer

Born in 1983 from Osaka city. He worked for Shingo Wakagi from 2008 to 2011. He contributes to several different kinds of magazines and advertising works with qualitative photos. Also, he shines the light on sports with his skills. The latest exhibition was “HARD WORK” (2021)