“I am not the kind of person who can process things around me fast and I can’t handle too much information. Whenever I need time to organise what’s important and digest, I go for a run. That’s the moment I can face myself. I often get overwhelmed when I am in Tokyo, so I need to put myself in a different environment every month where I can focus on only running”

“I think I can go deep inside of myself when I write, writing statements for my photography or interview script. And also I appreciate space like a movie theatre. The information I get from the film is not the same as the one from social media. It is so important for me to put myself in a space where I can receive one carefully delivered message.”

A runner, Suguru Osako and a photographer / videographer, Yoshiyuki Okuyama – who prioritise making time for themselves in their daily lives which are full of fast-moving information. These two, from the same generation were introduced by Kohei Adachi from MARCH INC, who knows both of them well and agreed to have a talk. Their conversation covered their essence and their mentality in their field.

By the way, they were served a Kenyan coffee for this talk. A black coffee for Suguru, a cafe au lait style with lots of milk for Yoshiyuki. It is not necessarily the same approach or style but the coffee’s citrusy acidity is reminiscent of their undaunted core.Their talk will be available on sketch-book.com in mid-June.

Words: Chozaemon
Photography: Satomi Yamauchi