May 20th (Sat)、 2023, The running event which is called “Sugar Elite supported by Otsukaseiyaku” was held at GMO Athletes Park in Nagano.  Suguru Osako, Yuto Imae, Yuya Yoshida, these 3 top runners became coaches for this special running event. The total participants were about 60 runners. The good point of this event is that the top runners were very close to the participants. Coaches taught citizen runners how to move their bodies efficiently and how to run faster.

Although I usually don’t go running, this event reminded me of the fun feeling of running. The event started with a classroom lecture session.  All the runners were taking notes from what Suguru Osako was saying, and runners questioned about what they wanted to clarify. I felt that this study session would be very useful and empowering for the future running with different perspectives.

Before the event started, it was foggy, and I could not see the other side of the running track. But, suddenly the fog cleared out, and the temperature increased. It seemed to have an expression that wanted to move and run as soon as possible. Running sessions were divided into 3 teams (1. Inner muscle training session, 2. Interval running session, 3. Trail running session.) Needless to say, time went by so fast.

I could meet several different great moments while taking photos. Happy smiles and laughter,
Facing hard training, High-fives with your friends when you finished, The hand that waved with a smile at the camera, Above all, it was very impressive to see them running happily, Everyone was very refreshed,
The sweat that flowed was really sparkling.

If you stretch out your hand, you can experience the running as if you were within reach because 3 top runners were so close to all the runners. If you want to ask the three players, you can ask them right away. The three players will give you words of support directly.

Just hearing it is exciting. For those who love running, it must have been an irresistible and fulfilling day. Looking back, I was very happy to be able to participate in such a great event.

Text・Photo: Momoko Kaneko