Suguru Osako announced his 3 days event which is called Sunset Jokers after his Boston marathon race. The recruitment period for the lottery is only 48 hours. Approximately 400 people applied from people who accessed the application through Instagram Stories at the right time. With 90 of the winners、  they ran several KM in Kamakura (sea), Takao (mountain), and Gaien (city). They enjoyed the unusual moment with the runners while drinking original craft beer at three restaurants with which they have a good relationship.

While everyone thought Suguru was running in the Tokyo Marathon, the race he’s running was the Boston Marathon. We thought that he was competing in a race in America where every minute and second was fought. Next was a very easy run in Japan while chatting with everyone. And we thought that he was drinking too much at the end of April, but all of sudden he stopped drinking in early May. We thought that he was training on the flat road, he was training in the mountain like a trail runner. Suguru Osako is  unpredictable and extreme every time. That is the charming point that everyone cares about him. 
I asked, what triggers and timing do you use to make decisions each time?
“I almost never take action because someone tells me to. it’s just how the wind blows.I just feel It’s time to move.“

As the three-day event came to an end, Osako said quietly.
“I feel glad that I was able to create a fun space during this time (right after the serious race) when I was able to spend time with everyone.It also gives me energy for the next step. I  reall hope that everyone had a good time. Of course, everyone has ups and downs, 
You may be faced with a series of fun moments or difficult decisions.
In order to move forward from now, it is important to go back and forth between ON and OFF at your own pace and in a positive manner, and I think that will surely be the driving force for the next step.

This event felt like Suguru Osako’s unique way of absorbing energy. I imagine it was an essential time to run a strong race on the big summer stage.From here, Suguru Osako will head to the Paris Olympics. I want to support Suguru Osako, a professional runner who represents Japan and competes against the world, until I lose my voice. 
Keep on going Suguru.

*Saltz is a creative unit that were composed with Suguru Osako, Ryo Murata, Kohei Adachi. 
They produce opportunity, space, and product.

Text:Kohei Adachi
Photo:Momoko Kaneko