Tamaki Shinozuka (Studio SAN)

From childhood, her mother got Tamaki into making crafts and working with her hands and she learned about fashion in university. Even after getting a job, she continued handicraft as her hobby,so she decided to start “Studio SAN” to work as a freelance handicraft artist from this spring.Her style is artistic and unique, which is mixed with a design tickling everyone’s heart, like a package which was found during traveling abroad or a nostalgic logo,and various styles of handicraft. 

Why embroidery?

I asked her why she likes embroidery the best out of all handicrafts, she told me “Embroidery has a lot of flexibility and it really inspires my creativity.” Making clothes is formalized to some extent and planning, on the other hand embroidery can be freely combined with any techniques in the world. It refreshes her to immerse herself with moving her hands.And also it’s good for her to create anything easily with a needle,fabric and thread.

The handmade for friends

At first, she wanted to give something handmade to her family or friends. That’s why she started to make crafts.From daily and familiar designs to one and only designs for someone special, her embroidery which has a lot of ideas and thoughts put into it makes us feel heartwarming like reading a letter. 

Belief… or philosophy

What is the Tamaki’s most important for handicrafting is to create with imaging a person who she gives it.Before embroidering T-shirts this time, she was trying to understand what kind of person Suguru Osako is. From what he says and shows in past interviews or YouTube, she got the impression that he is strong, flexible besides strong-willed. Finally, her design was completed with black thread, which means his strength, and a slightly straight line stitch which impresses his flexibility and inner strength. “If someone who wears this T-shirt is a runner, I feel it would be cute because it seems to run with mini Osako on the left sleeve.”  Tamaki enjoys expressing with her embroidery while imagining each one and peppering a sense of fun. “I’d like to make handicrafts, such as it makes one person who loves what I cherish happy, not consumptive products for the majority. “She was excited to talk about her future, which brings me excitement like spring has come.  

Instagram @studio____san

Text:Chihiro Ogawa

Photo:Momoko Kaneko