After MGC (Marathon Grand Championship), Suguru Osako held an event at ACE HOTEL KYOTO. And then he traveled Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau as part of the Sugar Elite Asian Tour. He spent good times with asian runners. After he came back to Tokyo, he participated in a talk event which was held by Number magazine.  He proceeded many activation with a good speed and nice tempo as usual. He just finished running in the rainy MGC. I wonder when he gets to rest his body. 

The lobby of Bungeishunju Publishing, a place with a solemn atmosphere, approximately 50 people who won tickets came over.  Suguru was wearing white Nike AF1, Jeans, and Navy Knit that is casual style with neutral mode. He seemed refreshed and looking forward to the day.

The talk was conducted using numbers as a keyword.
About MGC (3rd place)
About his 2nd running life
About Tokyo Olympic (6th place)
About Paris Olympic (2024)
About his 3 projects

Suguru Osako is a runner who has his own words. During this one-hour talk event, there were several words that touched my heart and made me think. Some of them still remain in my memory today.

“Discoveries can be found in your own challenges.”

“There are challenges. Thinking about how you can solve it will lead to your own growth.”

“I keep trying and making errors while running. How to use your body and your consciousness. I guess it’s necessary to try.”

“It’s a good idea to decide on your daily schedule. If there is something to do, you have no choice but to do it. I will decide within myself. If you can do that, you will become stronger”

“I feel that by running a marathon, being alone and facing myself calmly, I am getting closer to my true nature.”

“Running a marathon…it’s almost like I’m dying…”

“Facing difficult things will help you grow. I like the race and the process leading up to it.”

“I hope to utilize my life in Portland to engage in activities that will help develop the next generation of talent.”

Abstract and sometimes very concrete. There have been many moments when I have felt that it is not so much what is being said, but who is saying it. I guess it’s because he has a “ more action less talk” attitude. Suguru Osako, who runs beautifully as if jumping, is wonderful. But when he thinks, it is just as fascinating.

Just a side note. When the talk event ended, he handed the Sugar Elite sticker he had hidden in his pocket to the participants sitting in the front row as he left the room. It seemed like his way of saying thank you to those who came early.This one also stayed in my memory because of its charming side.

Text:Kohei Adachi
Photography: Shota Matsumoto