When you run, it always takes you somewhere else. And through my running, I can leave all the unnecessary noise behind me. I just feel like running a race again. I can be simpler. I can be straightforward. And when I realized that was my truth, I wanted to act fast before the feeling ran away. 
I know I finished as a racer last summer, but now, I’m ready to go back to the starting line. It’s okay to start again.And again.

Text: Suguru Osako

Staff List
Creative Director: Kohei Adachi  (MARCH INC)
Director: Genki Ito
Director of Photography: Hiroaki Yasukawa
Director of Photography: Travis Thompson 
Title Design: CHALKBOY
V.O: Suguru Osako
Composition / Drums / Piano / Synthesizer: Hiroki Goto  (AL)
Guitar: Yutaro Furutachi  (2)
Bass: Hama・Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S)
Sound Engineer: Yasumasa Hamano